First Prize: Chamber music Festival Allegro Vivo, August 2019

Prize Winner of the chamber music Festival Allegro Vivo, August 2016

Laureate of the Flautiada 2015, 3rd International Flute Competition, Bratislava, May 2015

First prize: International Competition Woodwind and Brass, Varazdin, Croatia, March 2015

Dr. Hans Zwölfer-prize with the Trio Doppler-Effekt, U19 Chamber-Music-Competition, Vienna, September  2014

Third prize: III Concorso Flautistico Internazionale Severino Gazzelloni, Italy, September 2014

First prize: National Competition Prima la Musica, Austria, Trio Doppler-Effekt, 2014

First prize: The 21st Century Art competition for young performers, October 2013

First prize: National Competition Prima la Musica, Austria in Sterzing (Italy), May 2013

First prize: 3rd International Flute Competition Flautiada 2013, Bratislava, April 2013

First prize: Young-Music-Competition – Bad Sulzaer (Germany) Musiktage, November 2012

First prize: International Competition Yamaha 2012-Kiev-Italy-Vienna, November 2012

Third prize: International Competition Petar Konjovic Belgrade, May 2012

First prize: Regional Competition Prima la Musica, Austria, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 (Trio), 2015 (solo and Chamber Music)

Solo Concerts:

Recital in the Palais Hansen Kempinski, Nov. 2019

Solo concerts in Japan, Dec.2017

Benefit concert with Eva Lind and Paul Lugger, Bayreuth, August 2017

6 Solo Concerts with the States Philharmonic Kosice, Dec. 2016

2 Solo Concerts with the University Orchestra of Kharkov, Dec. 2016

“Stars from Today and Tomorrow” with Youth Orchestra Tyrol, Nov. 2016

Solo Concert with Donau Philharmonie Vienna, Conductor M. Müssauer, August 2016

Prize Winner Concert Allegro Vivo, August 2016

Solo Concert with piano Mirgorod – Ukraine, July 2016

Solo Concert with Franz Schmidt Chamber Orchestra Vienna, June 2015

Solo Concert in Bratislava with Komorny Orchester Buoni Amici Bratislava,  Conductor Mirka Krajciko, Oct. 2015

Cimarosa Doppelkonzert with TU – Orchester Vienna, June 2015

Solo Concert with Metropolitan Orchester Bratislava, Oct. 2013


Substitute contract at the Bühne Baden Orchestra, Oct. 2019 – presents

Substitute contract at the Wiener Volksoper, Sept. 2019 – presents

1st Flute / Piccolo of the Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra, Feb. 2018 – presents

 1st Flute of the Symphony Orchestra ‘Ton der Jugend’, Nov. 2017 – presents

1st Flute / Piccolo, Vielxang of Hollywood, Oct. 2017

1st Flute / Piccolo of the Orchestra CUBE, Feb. 2017 – presents

1st Flute / Piccolo of the show orchestra Pecoraro & Pecoraro, 2015 – presents

“Give music a future” – Project of “The Flying Gorillas”, Vilnius, Nov,. 2016

2nd Flute / Piccolo of the Orchestra Danube Philharmonic Vienna, 2016/2013

2nd Flute / Piccolo of the Camerata Ars Vivendi, April 29, 2015

Ronacher Theatre Vienna, 1st Flute / Piccolo in the Musical “Estelle”, Nov. 2014 / March 2015

Principal Flutist of the k. u. k. Regimentskapelle des IR4, Vienna, Feb.2014 – Present

2nd Flute / Piccolo New Year’s Concerts in China with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, 2013/2014

Sol Invictus, Radiokulturhaus Vienna, Nov. 2013


CD recording with Eva Lind, January 2018

Portrait in the broadcast “Klassik am Abend”, Radio NÖ and “Intrada”, Ö1, September 2017